“Your car will be towed.” The thought kept echoing in her mind. She woke up with sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat. When was this ordeal going to end? It had been weeks since these relentless nightmares began. She hurriedly switched on every single light in her quarter. Somehow the diary had made its way under the bed. This was one ritual she was very proud of. Writing about your day is like documenting your life, a piece at a time. Writers were hard to come by and Azetmur was among the very few who could still write.

Azetmur’s fondness for all things human was considered heathen. She had never seen a car! It must be like a tiny ship, but with wheels. She had recently read Harry Potter. How a whole new world could be born out of someone’s imagination was spellbinding. Having lived on the IKS K’t’inga all her life, she had visited many alien worlds, but they were all too real and all too alike. The adults only cared about treaties, directives, boundaries and neutral zones. For her new story, she had been seeking a bit of magic.

As they entered the Goldilocks zone, Azetmur prayed for something extraordinary. She looked down at her diary. Aparecium!

Written on April 2, 2020